Wilderness First AID (+WFR Refresher)

A 16 hour class dedicated to refresh knowledge and skill or to start you on the right track. From introducing basic human physiology, human vitals to being able to recognize life threats during assessment, all the way to extrication. This class lays it out for you on what the expectation is and helps you understand what it takes to be a successful rescuer. Teaches the tools of switching gears from adventure fun day in the mountains to executing a rescue when the adventure takes a turn for the worse. We will focus on the ‘bread and butter’ of Rescue which is the ASSESSMENT! Also this is a WFR refresher to remind you of what things need to be prioritized during patient care and extrication of a patient from a backcountry setting. Certificate included with course completion.

$249 WFA / $299 WFR Refresher

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Nick Bliss